FuseIR combines a high performance I² device with a powerful uncooled MicroCAM thermal imager in a small lightweight unit which delivers the best of both worlds: I2, thermal or fused operation extending the user’s low light and night time capability for maximum situation awareness


The portable fuel cell system SFC JENNY 600S only weighs about 1.7 kg and provides 600 Wh of electrical energy per day. Three to four 350 ml fuel cartridges contain enough capacity for 72 hours of deployment. This means up to 80 per cent of battery weight can be saved.


The Merlin-Handheld Radio Power Adapter is an Uninterruptible DC Power slice for handheld radios and interfaces with both the radio and battery and receives input from a variety of AC and DC power sources. Its primary functions are to power the attached radio, to export power to peripheral gear, all while charging the battery.