Modern night time combat requires full operational effectiveness in varying conditions and terrains, from inner city to dense jungle. Image Intensifiers (I²) require some ambient illumination to operate effectively but they are defeated by excess light such as from street lights or headlights, camouflage, vegetation and from insufficient light on cloudy moonless nights, fog/smoke or complete darkness inside buildings.

Thermal imaging is independent of light and operates in any level of darkness, fog and smoke but does not identify the features and textures shown by I².

FuseIR combines a high performance I² device with a powerful uncooled MicroCAM thermal imager in a small lightweight unit which delivers the best of both worlds: I² , Thermal or Fused operation extending the user’s low light and night time capability for maximum situation awareness.

FuseIR is a mission-ready device with universal fast helmet mount attachment and quick release mechanism. All functions are quickly and simply accessed via a single control wheel specifically designed for left and right handed users even when wearing gloves.

FuseIR is based on a high sensitivity and high frequency response intensifier tube and Thermoteknix MicroCAM® 3 thermal imaging core. It is the only fused night vision device with Thermoteknix patented Shutterless XTI Technology®, so has no moving parts, is completely silent in operation and is ‘Never Blind’. Supporting I² only, Thermal only and Fused Night Vision modes, FuseIR weighs just 400g and maximises detection and identification in a compact handheld/helmet mounted device.

FuseIR is not for sale or use in USA.