ClipIR Small Thermal Imager Clip On – Fused Night Vision
Fused night vision is the new standard for low light operations. Significant tactical advantages are achieved by combining the unparalleled detection capabilities of thermal imaging with the superior identification capabilities of image intensification. To extend the performance and functionality of existing night vision devices while minimising total cost of ownership is the challenge met by ClipIR. Modern combat requires operation in complete darkness beyond the capabilities of I² devices – complete cloud coverage, heavy forest or jungle conditions. ClipIR Small Thermal Imager Clip On provides the answer.

ClipIR – The Combat-Proven Standard for Clip On Thermal Imagers
ClipIR – with patented Shutterless XTI Technology® is the first clip-on thermal imager capable of producing a real-time “Full-View” 40° Field of View fusion image. Weighing just 150g and 11.5cm long, ClipIR is the compact yet powerful solution for upgrading to fused night vision, maximising detection and identification capabilities.

ClipIR is not for sale or use in USA.