Bravo 20 is a respected and value added representation company mainly supplying innovative products to the Netherlands Armed Forces, National Police and first responders. At Bravo 20 we are on the constant lookout for new products that can help our customer be more effective in the performance of their work.

Bravo 20 is headed by Matias Slagt who has extensive experience in the NL defense industry. He has held various commercial and management positions and is a creative thinker, always looking to supply the right solution.

The name Bravo 20 (twenty, not two-zero) originates from the radio call sign of a commanders Leopard tank of the 101 tank battalion/ B-SQN/ 2nd platoon, crewed in the mid 90’s and commanded by Matias Slagt. Fierce, persistent and dedicated, his unit excelled on multiple occasions in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

The crew of the Bravo 20 back in ’95.